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PostSubject: Applications   Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:44 am

Okay, well, here are the applications that I've been asked for to be apart of Anime Kingdom. These are pretty standard questons that I came up with in little time. I plan on making things a bit harder so I don't have applications sent to my email left and right.

Anyways, so... after you're done answering these questions send BOTH the questions AND answers to Anime Kingdom's email at FurcadiaAK@gmail.com.

Thanks, and good luck. <3

Current Positions:
RP Security

Basic Questions -

Username (which character you want with share)?:

IRL Age?:

How long have you been playing Furcadia (just so we know you know the basics of
volunteering in a dream)?

Which position are you applying for?:

Why are you choosing to apply for this position?:

Do you know the general areas of the dream?:

What are the general commands for people with share?:

What are the rules for people with share?:

How many warnings are you supposed to give a furre before ejecting them?:

Scenarios -

A furre walks into Anime Kingdom and they sit down wherever. They then start spamming the area. Whether with profanity or not, what do you do?:

A furre begins a fight with someone in Anime Kingdom, but you don’t know who started it. What do you do?:

A furre whispers you, complaining that someone has been rude to them. What do you do?:

A furre threatens you or another person with your life and/or your wellbeing. What do you do?:

If a furre is persistent on disobeying the rules of the dream, what do you do?:

You find that another servitor (or person with share) has been abusing their powers. What do you do?:

You find a couple, or just random players, yiffing in an area of the dream. What do you do?:

A couple wants to get married in the Anime Kingdom’s chapel. Recite a couple lines of what you would do to wed them. (For Priest applications only):

Some players are RPing in the RP area and one complains to you that the other isn’t RPing “fairly”. What do you do? (For RP Security applications only):
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