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PostSubject: Rules!   Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:22 am

Ah.. yes, those lovely rules. Well, every board has to have them in order to keep peace within it as well as this one. So, please read them because the admins will not take excuses like, "I didn't know that was a rule!" if you disobey one of them.

Well, here goes nothing. -Cracks her knuckles and prepares for a serious case of carpal tunnel-

1. First and foremost, obey the golden rule! I know I certainly donít want to be treated poorly and I know I would never do that to someone else. Iím sure the same goes for everyone. So, as previously stated: obey it or you will be punished.

2. Treat the admins and mods with respect. Disobedience will not be tolerated on these forums. You will have three warnings, much like the dream, before you are to be removed from the forums.

3. If an admin or mod confronts you about a post you have made or a topic that is inappropriate, you will be told to remove it. Please do so and do not cause a fuss about it. If you do not remove it, an admin or mod will remove it instead without warning.

4. Keep swearing to a minimum. I do not know the age range that will be lurking around these forums. I donít want to find an email in my inbox stating how little Johnny learned a couple of bad words and that itís my fault.

5. If you consistently disrespect the rules or disrespect any person, including the admins or mods, you will have several warnings before your IP address will be banned from the forums.

6. I DO NOT want to catch any sort of mature content on here. That includes roleplays as well. This is meant to be a community forum to keep updates and news for Anime Kingdom. If I, or any other admin or mod, catch mature content going on, we will ban you without warning. Donít like it? Too bad, itís part of the rules. That is meant for FurN only.

Now for roleplaying rules...

1. As said in the last rule above, I do not want to see any mature content being played on these forums.

2. Keep RPs to a maximum of an "R" rating. R rating should be labeled in caps so that someone will know whetheror not to wander into that sort of RP. R-rated RPs should be for violence and language only. NO SEX!

3. Though I prefer R-rated RPs to be specifically labeled, it would be nice to label even ones under R. PG-13 can still be too much for younger audiences. It is not necessary to label, but it would be wise to anyways.

I may update the rules later on, so keep checking in!

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me or one of the other admins.
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